😂😂😂SLEEPY BROWN IN THE TRAP! w/ DC YOUNG FLY & Karlous Miller #85southshow

You know we had to bring the true Dungeon Family legend to the trap! It was just a matter of time! You might know him for his hit records with Outkast but DC and Karlous know Sleepy Brown on a whole nother level!

Sleepy Brown breaks down the environment of love that fostered the Dungeon and talks about how he played his role for everyone to succeed. Sleepy Brown takes a look back at hits like So Fresh and So Clean and Skew it on the Bar B and explains Andre 3000’s creative motivations.

Diddy shot the Players Ball video and Sleepy explains how that went down. You got to hear Sleepy’s Curtis Mayfield story and the George Clinton crack story!!! Don’t miss the Budapest, Georgia freestyle 😂😂😂 Sleepy talks about a Wutang vs Dungeon possible Verszus battle and drops a Wu-tang bomb! Plus DC expresses his childhood love for Britney Spears! This is the coldest podcast!

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