All of Shanquella Robinson FAKE FRiENDS identified & they all Running & HiDiNG! 6 Suspects Named 👀

Update: What happened to Shanquella Robinson is the question? Well we all know that one of her female friends beat her while she had no clothes on & said she didn’t want to and the other friend, her male bestie, was recording video footage and encouraging it asking her to fight back. But did you know that there were allegedly 4 others present as well when this vacation gone wrong was going down. The 7 of them travelled to Cabo, Mexico from North Carolina for one of their birthday’s so 6 of her closest friends saw it happen and did nothing and here are their names. The most guilty one is Daejhanae Jackson, the we have Khalil Cooke, Malik Dyer, Wenter Donovan, Alysse Hyatt and Nazeer Wiggins. They have either deactivated their facebook accounts, made their instagram private, deleted their professional linkedin account and are removing social media pages left and right. The truth will set all her fake friends free. Plus throwback pictures from 201 show that these 6 have been a pact for over a decade. Is this a strong case of JEALOUSY towards this business owner? 👀

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