ATLANTA SK8ATHON | Friday Night Lights

ATLANTA SK8ATHON | Friday Night Lights

Welcome to THE 25TH ANNUAL MS. JOI’S SK8ATHON “ATL”. The Largest and most well known Roller Skating Party in the United States. Skaters have been clamoring for the chance to return to Sk8athon after the pandemic and this is the 2nd night! Checkout Saturday night over on our Facebook Channel

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Filmed & Produced by Chad Ha

Music produced by

SONG 1 | B-Dash on the Track

SONG 2 | DJ Bryce on the Track

SONG 3 | DJ Naz on the Track

Roller Skating Rink
Stone Mountain Skates
Stone Mountain, GA

Film Equipment Used:
#Sony #a7siii

#sony 20mm f/1.4


#Cyberlink #PowerDirector

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