BHW/SHIB pair on Sushiswap

Our BHW (erc20) Ethereum utility token is only available for swap with the SHIB (erc20) token on Sushiswap.

  1. To obtain the BHW token it requires the use of the Metamask wallet. You can get the wallet at You can only get the BHW coin by buying SHIB and then swapping SHIB for BHW.
  2. You need ether in your wallet to cover the gas/transaction fees. You can get ether from the following exchanges such as: or just to name a couple.
  3. Then you have to transfer your ether and SHIB from the exchange of your choice to your Metamask wallet using your deposit or receive address.
  4. Then you can click the Trade link below and or go to
  5. Click the swap tab then select a token and copy and paste the BHW contract address: 0x708b6DAFeFE5Ff399558002F2E7DFdd52EACa6aA into the search box.
  6. Then input the SHIB contract address: 0x95aD61b0a150d79219dCF64E1E6Cc01f0B64C4cE into the search box.

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