Cabo Travel Guide Part 2 | Cabo Day Trips | La Paz | Todos Santos

Part 1 was about all things Cabo. This video is about Cabo & beyond; from the beautiful town of Todos Santos to the fishing town of La Paz! Tune in to both episodes to find the best things to do, and the best vendors to do them with!

Watch Part 1 here: Luxury & Budget Cabo Travel Guide | Part 1 Best Things to Do in Cabo

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Founder/Host: Jubril Agoro

Co-host: Jessica Franklin

Filmmaker/editor: Youri Felix Visuals by Youri

Producer/Travel Planner: Taliya Maya

Music Composer: Isaiah Mcneill


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— Breakdown —

0:00 Intro
01:07 Beach Activities Jet Ski, Boats, Playa Medano
02:34 Todos Santos Vibes
03:40 The Green Room Restaurant
04:30 Camels, Mezcal, Cabo Adventure
05:29 Best Jazz Club in Cabo
06:18 La Paz Getaway, Balandra Bay
07:15 Connect with other Digital Nomads
08:00 Meet Jessica aka heygorjess
09:39 Why visit Cabo now
10:10 Team Shoutout & Outro
11:44 Bloopers

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