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React JS Crash Course 2021

Get started with React in this crash course. We will be building a task tracker app and look at components, props, state, hooks, working with an API and more. Code: React & Other Course Links at – 💖 Support The Channel! Timestamps: 0:00 – Intro & Slides 12:37 – Create a React […]

Learn JavaScript by Building 7 Games – Full Course

In this tutorial course, you will learn JavaScript by coding 7 retro grid-based games. Learn by doing and have 7 great projects for your career portfolio by the end of the course. Each game is done with minimal styling for you to take and make your own. 🎥 Course from Ania Kubow. Check out her […]

Learn JavaScript – Full Course for Beginners

This complete 134-part JavaScript tutorial for beginners will teach you everything you need to know to get started with the JavaScript programming language. ⭐️Curriculum⭐️ This is a stand-alone video but it follows the JavaScript curriculum at Access the curriculum here: 🔗 Basic JavaScript: 🔗 ES6 JavaScript: ⭐️Code⭐️ This course was created using […]

🔴React JS 8 Hour Bootcamp (Learn Redux, React JS, Styled Components, and Firebase) | LIVE

Here at Clever Programmer we’re all about revolutionizing education and the software industry. Join us for this Mini Bootcamp this Sunday! Apply for the Bootcamp HERE 👉 Reserve you seat for the Bootcamp 👉 HERE are the IMAGES & VIDEOS:

Data Structures – Computer Science Course for Beginners

Learn all about Data Structures in this lecture-style course. You will learn what Data Structures are, how we measure a Data Structures efficiency, and then hop into talking about 12 of the most common Data Structures which will come up throughout your Computer Science journey. ✏️ Course created by Steven from NullPointer Exception. Check out […]

What is a Design Doc: Software Engineering Best Practice #1

Ex-Google Tech Lead talks you through the #1 engineering practice: Design Docs. Get your free audiobook at our sponsor Audible The “Design Doc” is a highly regarded and nearly cultural requirement for engineers at Google — and for good reason. It helps organize ideas, build consensus, document code, save time, launch projects, and summarize […]

APIs for Beginners – How to use an API (Full Course / Tutorial)

What is an API? Learn all about APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) in this full tutorial for beginners. You will learn what APIs do, why APIs exist, and the many benefits of APIs. APIs are used all the time in programming and web development so it is important to understand how to use them. You will […]

Dynamic Programming – Learn to Solve Algorithmic Problems & Coding Challenges

Learn how to use Dynamic Programming in this course for beginners. It can help you solve complex programming problems, such as those often seen in programming interview questions about data structures and algorithms. This course was developed by Alvin Zablan from Coderbyte. Coderbyte is one of the top websites for technical interview prep and coding […]

Algorithms and Data Structures – Full Course for Beginners from Treehouse

In this course you will learn about algorithms and data structures, two of the fundamental topics in computer science. There are three main parts to this course: algorithms, data structures, and a deep dive into sorting and searching algorithms. By the end, you will understand what algorithms and data structures are, how they are measured […]

Data Structures: Trees

Learn the basics of trees, data structures. This video is a part of HackerRank’s Cracking The Coding Interview Tutorial with Gayle Laakmann McDowell.