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Build a DeFi App with UNISWAP! Blockchain Coding Tutorial

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Code a Youtube Clone with Blockchain – Ethereum, Solidity, Web3.js, React.js

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VPS Mining Guide – How To Mine Crypto Coins On Cloud Servers

Video guide showing how to get started mining crypto coins using a VPS or Cloud Server. I’ll take you step by step through the entire process and get you setup and mining in minutes. Digital Ocean VPS $100 Free Credit For New Accounts – #crypto #mining #profit Console Commands apt-get update apt-get upgrade apt […]

Cardano’s Plutus smart contract and Marlowe smart contract, an overview of what the future holds..

We take a high level overview of Cardano’s smart contract languages Marlowe and Plutus. The Cardano Blockchain users can create smart contracts with Marlowe after a short training course. The Marlowe smart contract system, in particular, is made for the professionals that create the contracts so that they have the ability to envision, create and […]

Cardano360 – February 2021

Every month, we’ve been bringing you all the news on Cardano development. And from this month, we’re bringing you a brand new look! Cardano360 is our NEW monthly show, where we’ll bring you all the freshest news & feature content from across the ecosystem. Join your regular hosts Tim Harrison & Aparna Jue, along with […]

Cardano – Simply Explained

Cardano (ADA) is gaining a lot of traction, but what makes it so special? In this video I’ll explain all the problems that the Cardano team intends to solve. It boils down to: Scalability, Interoperability and Sustainability. Watch the video to learn more! 🌍 Social Twitter: Facebook: Blog: 💌 Newsletter: (no […]

Coinbase SILENT on CARDANO LISTING – ADA to HIT $10 When Support is Announced

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Ethereum Today CRUSHES $1600 (Top Reason Cardano MOONS in February)

On today’s show, we will look at the crypto market today including the Bitcoin price and the Ethereum price. We’ll dive into the latest cryptocurrency news, such as the Microstrategy investor summit discussing Bitcoin. We’ll also talk about Visa setting up for mainstream Bitcoin and crypto adoption, telling you what it means for crypto investors. […]

Cardano 100x Moonshot (GREATEST ADA Price Prediction)

In 2021, Cardano is going to CRUSH it. It currently sits at #6 on the rankings, but should soon pass XRP since we all know XRP is going backward due to the SEC lawsuit against it. The top 2 coins, Bitcoin and Ethereum, have recently set all time highs. We saw Ethereum go from $300 […]