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Quad The Movie (Short Film 2016)

Not your average couple Dre and Stephanie, enjoy the thrill of their open relationship and introducing new people into the lifestyle. Current interest for the duo is the loving couple next door Chris and Candace. Although Dre would prefer they both stick with only dealing with women he must accept the arrangement he and Stephanie […]

TRAPPED | Short Film 2021 ( Movie )

Jason is a young man that is basically, “Trapped in the Trap.” He has 1 unappreciative live in baby mama as well as another baby mama that would love nothing other than seeing him locked up. As he struggles to provide for his family to get them out of the hood, everything around him falls […]

Illegal Activity – Short Film (2012)

Please Subscribe to Upshot TV – Make sure you download the FREE soundtrack!! or Illegal Activity is an action-packed drama set in a rough housing estate in London, yet nothing on the block is quite how it seems. We follow Winston a street level dealer and his crew for one day, […]

WATCH: “Joy” | #ShortFilmSundays

@IssaRaePresents #ShortFilmSundays – a new short by a new creator, the first Sunday of every month. A Nigerian woman living in America, struggles to convince her traditionalist husband not to circumcise their ten-year-old daughter. Produced by Elsie Dortelus & Terrance Grant Written and Directed by Solomon Onita Jr. Cinematography by Mike Buchbauer Production Design by […]

If Only (2019) | Drama Short Film – Based On A True Story | MYM

An award winning short film written, directed and produced by FREDI ‘KRUGA’ NWAKA. 🎬IF ONLY… life was a game 🎲- “in life, some choices are made for us” A story based on true events. Due to the spiralling gan g and youth violence on our streets, he felt this is the perfect time to release […]

SLUT | 4K Drama Short Film (2019) | MYM

Lust is an intense desire for something that doesn’t properly have material existence. It is most commonly understood as a se.xual desire for another. A short film that looks and the harmful effects of sexting and how easily our young people can be mislabeled. #ShortFilm #DitchTheLabel #MYM Music Featured: Rozzz – Trapstar Rozzz – I […]

NO CHOICE (Short Film)

A short film about a kid who loves playing basketball but gets in a little trouble once his brother comes home from jail and convinces him to turn towards the streets and put his hoop dreams on pause. Ivan quickly finds out that the streets don’t love anybody and loses something special to him. Follow […]

WATCH: “Thug” | #ShortFilmSundays

Desperate to land a role, an aspiring actor takes extreme measures, risking a close relationship and inciting dramatic repercussions. “Thug” is a multi-award winning realist fiction film developed by Daniel Boos in collaboration with Simon Mutuyimana, Emmanuel John, and Joshua Schlaganweit. The film portrays the cast’s real life struggle to participate in the film industry […]

The Essence – (Short Film)

The Essence is a short film written by Michael ‘Buck’ Maris, Ashley Chin and April Walker, directed by Myles Whittingham. The Essence is inspired by the soundtrack of Giggs mixtape ‘Wamp 2 Dem’

The Last Straw( Nyfa Thesis Short Film)

How far are you willing to go? An emotionally driven story on domestic violence. Sonia struggles to live with her abusive fiancee who is jobless, insecure and does not appreciate her existence.She is faced with the decision of moving on or being blind folded by the tales of love and keeping up with the consistent […]