Top Black YouTube Web Series 9-123 Videos

JOURNEY of a GODDESS | Ep. 101 | @JOG_SERIES | #ShortieVersion

Iman Atkins attempts to shake off a troublesome past and embrace a spiritually fulfulling future. Iman decides that she’s suffered long enough. Today is the day she moves on. Logline: “She stripped her masks & bared her soul.” Starring: Ashley Curtis Written & Created by: Ashley Curtis Directed by: Mortiz J. Williams & Geno Brooks […]

NINE MONTHS AFTER | Months 1 & 2 (Series Premiere)

Next Episode (Month 3): September 10th, 2018 TWEET US ► @tinbridge_prod INSTAGRAM ► Written By David D. Tinsley (@tinbridge_prod) Directed by David D. Tinsley (@tinbridge_prod) Starring Javicia Leslie (@javicia) Marcus Dupree (@marcusdupreegwm) Also Starring Keysha Edwards (@itskeysha.e) Produced by David D. Tinsley (@tinbridge_prod) Bridget Tinsley (@doublemint9) Co-Produced by Javicia Leslie (@javicia) Marcus Dupree (@marcusdupreegwm) […]

B.L.A.C.K web series (episode one)

Sci-fi web series B.L.A.C.K (EPISODE ONE) Two B.L.A.C.K AGENTS (Malcolm & York) are on a journey to defeating ,Extra terrestrials, that are trying to take ownership of the Planet Earth.