Cathie Wood – One Day Everyone Will Own This – We Haven’t Seen Anything Like This Since Early 1900s

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In this video, Cathie Wood of Ark Invest talked on numerous topics, including volatility in markets and 5 big disruptive technologies. After a stellar 2020, Cathie Wood’s Ark Invest fund has taken a beating in the past year. At one point, all of her picks were negative, with some of her picks being down as much as 70%. Her investing style has received much criticism from pundits and talking heads, and her performance of late has provided critics with plenty of material to talk about. Nonetheless, Cathie has taken the criticism in stride and has stayed convicted to her time horizon and her belief in these 5 disruptive technologies, one being crypto. In the interview, when she discussed crypto, she particularly focused on the metaverse. Thus far, many thought leaders in the space such as Raoul Pal, have given hints on the importance of the metaverse and Web3.0, but Cathie expressed how she sees its application in the future, and exactly how it will disrupt.

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