COKE BOYS | Crime Drama Short Film (2022)

COKE BOYS | Crime Drama Short Film (2022)

“COKE BOYS” is a must see crime drama short film that sheds light on what can happen when you choose the wrong path and surround yourself with the wrong people. This film pays homage to 90s movies such as “Menace II Society”, “New Jack City”, and “Juice”.

Cain is one the biggest drug dealers in South Central, supplying the streets with coke and pills and taking out anyone standing in his way. The operation becomes shaky after one of his crew members turns police informant, creating tension from within. Cain is caught between a booming drug operation and disloyalty among his associates.


Directors – Omar Cook – Adonis Armstrong
Cinematography – Daniel Ray
Writer – Omar Cook
Producers – Omar Cook, Adonis Armstrong

Omar Cook – “Cain”

Adonis Armstrong – “Trey”

Clay Cureton – “Detective Harvey”

Michael Middleton – “Felix”

Jermaine Edmondson – “KD”

Jon Budinoff – “Detective Frost”

Alexander Texidor – “Andres”

Shala White – “Catrice”

Josh Butler – “Nino”

Andrew Smith – “Q”

D’Asia Kaliyah – “Mya”

Critic Reviews:
“As well as writing and directing, Cook also excels in the lead role playing the big shot dealer Cain; his performance is genuinely powerful and he has a presence on screen that suggests he is destined for bigger things.”

“I have nothing but immense admiration for filmmakers like Cook and Armstrong, who will stop at nothing to tell their stories and make their movies. Budget be damned! The filmmakers pull out all the stops to tell a gritty crime story while making good use of the limited resources at their disposal. Coke, guns, and tough-talking characters are on full display, yet Cook and Armstrong know that their story of loyalty, survival, and betrayal is of utmost importance.”

“This dark story explores what life is like as a drug-dealing criminal, focusing primarily on the dangers and tragedies of being part of the underworld. It carries the message that leading such a life will have devastating consequences.”
— Jason Knight, UK FILM REVIEW

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