Cronodes V2 has FINALLY arrived with some MAJOR changes! Hopefully this gave you all of the information that you absolutely needed to know.

CRN has drawn the ire of a lot of investors over the past few months due to price action and rewards changes. While this is understandable in some of the recent situations, we also need to realize that if he project dies, no one wins. While there are certainly valid criticisms at paly and room for further improvement, this is a massive step in the right direction for this DeFi project.

Have any questions or want to discuss the changes? Drop a comment down below! Let’s chat!
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00:00 Start
00:07 V2 Launching TOMORROW
01:35 Official Announcement From Prime
05:00 Skip Here To Skip Announcement Read
05:46 New Node Tiers
06:08 Tax Tiers – OLD TAX NFTS STILL WORK After 15+ Day
07:13 Booster NFTs
07:47 Monthly Nodes Fees
08:58 New Rewards Rates
10:10 Some Thoughts – Don’t Compare CRN to Strong
12:52 My Plan
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