Deep – Season 1 “The Old Testament” Episodes 1-6

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A new Fentanyl-based drug (“Deep”) hits Harlem while an ambitious and innovative crew of dealers sets their sights on monopolizing the supply.

The Trailer:

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Written and Directed By : Chris Swain / @chrisswainfilms
Arrye Burns/ Justin Hurtt- Dunkley / @justinhurtdunkley
Kazmeek Johnson/ Chris Swain / @chrisswainfilms
Buddha/ Howard Wolliaston / @broadwaybanks
Sheeka/ Ghia Monet/ @ghiamonet
SRG. Barnes/ AU Hogan / @auelement79
Jacob/ Quintin Ryan Banks / @qrbact3
Jugg/ Shomari Love/ @shomarilove
Sky Soprano/ As Himself / @skysoprano
Puffy/ Anaiyah Swain/ @A_anaiyah
Det. Michael Orgil/ Arty Mcfly Bobian/ @Atvwatchme
Det. Derrick Neuman/ Anthony M Walker @antonymwalker
Cuzzin Lu/ Jameel Laboo/ @chaos_ncg
Gabby/ Paris France/ @therealparisfrance
Rebecca Vargas/ Alyssa Abreu/ @Alyssaxvibe
Odell Mack/ Russell Smith/@bigruss2479
Spank/ Tramaine Bembury/ @Tramainebembury
Bean/ Switch Tony O./ @Switchakatony
Pete/ Daniel Bitar/ @danielbitar
Tiffany/ Adrienne Laurén/ @itsadriennelauren
Alice/ Khalida Outlaw/ @Kdoulaw
Smoke/ @flamestar1212
Pop/ Tone Wop/ @_tonewop
Koko/ Wiston Synaker/ @winstoniavitch_
Luke James/ Jess Pritchard
George/ Craig Myers
The Help/ Big Chris

Executive Producer: Luis Guzmán
Executive Producer: Michael Bregman
Executive Producer: Ruben Rivera
Executive Producer: Kevin DaCruz
Executive Producer: Chris Swain

Editor: Brandon Daley @daleymanproductions
Director Of Photography: Jacob Mallin
Camera Operator: Matt Gibbs
2nd Camera Operator: Brandon Romain

Produced By:
Georgette Moye
Sharaya R Davis
Justin Hurtt-Dunkley
Howard Wolliaston

Brought to you by :
Chris Swain Films LLC
Graves End Entertainment

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