Dreaming Whilst Black | Episode 3: Broke AF [ Comedy Web Series | MYM ]

Dreaming Whilst Black is a 9-part comedy web series that follows a young, passionate, yet naive filmmaker, Kwabena, who struggles to navigate between his dreams and reality.

After hitting a new low of doing the most demoralising job on set, Kwabena meets up with his non-film friends who are financially doing well. He struggles to find the motivation to keep going.

Directed by – Natasha Jatania
Written by – Ali Hughes & Adjani Salmon
Produced by – 4Quarter Films
DOP – Caleb Wissun-Bhide
Sound – Julius Zubavičius

Music By:
“Hundred Stab”
Performed by Aidonia
Written by Sheldon Lawrence
Recording by Tad’s Record Inc

Performed by Injury Reserve
Writtern by Nathaniel Rithcie, Jordan Groggs & Will Neibernal
Recording by Las Fueagas

Performed by Cro
Written by Carlo Waibel
Recording by Chimperator Productions

“It is Well”
Performed by Toulouse
Written by Toulouse
Recording by Terrible Records

French Subtitles: Episode 3 == Adaptation : Alice FILONI ; Revision : Camille DURET

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