‘dysfunctional’ a short film by canon carter

what’s thanksgiving without a little drama?

canon carter brings a new film to the forefront after three years, introducing a very dysfunctional, yet unique family battling on going issues with one-another – from toxic boyfriends, to messy cousins, even to unloyal family members.

thank u to the cast and crew who were able to bring to this all to life.

dir. by canon carter


jordyn lucas
jonathan brown
k johns the general
geovanny caceres
payton moore
journey montana
nino brown
jael the great
yulani johnson
janeé lucas
marlin minks

co-directed by spike ree

dp: spike ree, adonis films

make up dpt: kalene gentles

bts photo + video: joshua carter, dope overdose

on-set assistants:
natosha jordan
venus westfield
jasmin king
shania walls

this is only part one. see u soon.


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