Ecomi To 10x or 100x? True Market Cap & Why This Will EXPLODE!!!!

Will Ecomi hit 10 cents? is $1 in the cards for the near future for $omi?

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ECOMI claims to create the world’s best platform to purchase, protect and collect premium licensed digital collectibles using Distributed Ledger Technology.

The current circulating supply of OMI tokens is around ~110 billion OMI.
With the design of the VeVe tokenomic system, an additional 40%, or 300 billion OMI tokens, are held in the in-app reserve, most of which will never enter the circulating supply.
VeVe Reserve Wallet:~ 300 bn
VeVe Vault Wallet: ~40 bn OMI added for initial liquidity
Business Development (long term initiatives): 20% or 150 billion OMI
Team, Advisors, Board Members: 20% or 150 billion OMI
Tokens in circulation (sold during sales):~ 110 billion OMI

OMI is currently available on Bitforex exchange, listed against USDT. Please be sure to use the ticker symbol ‘OMI.’
There are two additional exchanges going live in Q1 2021, including a listing on UniSwap. You can find more information about the OMI token and exchange listings in our Q1 token update:

Disclaimer: Everything I say on this channel is my opinion only and not meant to be taken as advice. All the information I share to buy Real Estate or invest is not be mistaken as a solicitation or recommendation. Always check with a licensed professional before making any investments.

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