We, Atl. Black Hollywood TV, are building a top notch tv company with a focus on distributing the content on all the top streaming platforms with higher paying advertisers than Youtube.

We are currently in the content acquisition stage of the build out of our tv enterprise.

We are in search of quality black content from upcoming filmmakers\content creators to partner with.

Your content will be distributed on all of the company’s channel.

The income potential is very lucrative to the partners getting in on the ground floor with us. We highly suggest that you do not wait until the channels become to large and  saturated.


Status of our channels.

Roku – Completed.

Amazon Fire TV – 95% completed.

Google Chromecast – under development

Apple TV – under development


We are implementing the Avod (Ad supported video on demand) distribution model.

We use a performance based revenue sharing model to pay all of our content partners.

The revenue split percentage is 75/25 partners/company.

The 75% is distributed among all the content partners and is allocated based on your productions total percentage of the channel’s total stream.



2nd Quarter – Total Channel Revenues = $2,500,000

Partners Split (75%) = $1,875,000       Company Split (25%) = $625,000


Total  channel streams = 2,500 streams

Good Ground – 25 streams

Atl Kings & Queens – 500 streams


Good Ground (25/2500) = 1% of $1,875,000

Atl Kings & Queens (500/2500) = 20% of $1,875,000


Good Ground = $18,750           Atl Kings & Queens = $375,000


Payout  schedules


ROKU – (75 days) after each quarter the revenues were generated.

AMAZON Fire TV – (45 – 60 days)  after the month the revenues were generated in.

The details for the other platforms will be listed once the channels are completed.

If you are interested please go to registration and signup for the partners membership.

Instructions & Requirements:

  1. Signup for a partners membership account by clicking registration up above in the menu.
  2. Agree to an avod & svod, non exclusive, international, unlimited, perpetual license by selecting the box in the license agreement form below.
  3. Provide your tax id for reporting purposes: ss or ein information in the form below.
  4. Provide your banking account number and routing number.
  5. Click send/submit once you have completed the entire form.



    AtlBlackHollywood.TV – Film license agreement

    This license agreement (the “Agreement”) is made by and between _
    [name of company or individual presenting film or program] (the “Licensor”)
    and Owned & operated by Cjet Holdings Inc. (Wyoming Corporation)
    [name of company wishing to obtain a license to distribute the
    film or program] (the “Licensee”).

    Licensor and Licensee (the “Parties”) agree to the terms as follows:

    1. Subject of Agreement
    Licensor provides to Licensee the content or program(s) entitled


    2. Licensed Rights
    Licensor hereby grants an AVOD(ad supported video on demand) and SVOD(subscription video on demand), non exclusive, worldwide, 18 month expiration, irrevocable licensed rights to Licensee and Licensee hereby accepts from Licensor the irrevocable Licensed Rights to the Program, subject to all the terms and conditions hereinafter set forth.

    All rights not granted to Licensee hereunder with respect to the Program are reserved to Licensor.
    All rights include the right to copy, store, archive, and distribute
    the Program according to the Licensed Rights.

    Licensee is entitled to assign/sublicense all Licensed
    Rights to third parties and/or to affiliates and contracting partners for distribution, in whole or in parts, (e.g. cable retransmission,
    satellite transmission, IP TV, transmission through aggregators or contracting partners).

    3. Representations & Warranties, Indemnification
    Licensor represents and warrants that:
    (i) it has the full right, power and authority to enter into and fully perform this Agreement,
    (ii) it is the sole owner of all rights granted under this Agreement including copyrights and neighboring rights and any such
    rights originally vesting in third parties and that it is authorized to dispose over such rights to the benefit of the Licensee,
    (iii) any music within the Program does not infringe or violate the trademark, trade name, copyright, right of privacy or publicity,
    property rights or any other right of any third party,

    4. License Fee
    For the grant of rights,
    Licensor shall receive from Licensee
    Licensor’s (program’s or program’s share of revenue) within that payout’s timeframe based upon the following calculation:

    (Contents or Programs total streams or time) / (Channels total streams or time) *
    (75% of total channel’s revenue generated)

    of any sublicense royalties or payment received by Licensee from any third party assignee
    or sublicensee.

    The sublicense royalty or payment shall be payable by Licensee to Licensor within 30 days of receipt of Program and/or receipt of sublicense royalty or payment.

    Reporting analytics shall also be provided or made available via dashboard or email.

    Upon payment of the License Fee, the grant of
    rights and all services and expenses of Licensor are fully compensated.

    5. Termination

    Either party is entitled to terminate this Agreement extraordinarily at any time with immediate effect:

    - if the other party is in material default of this Agreement and fails to cure such default within twenty (20) working days of
    receiving written notice thereof,

    - in the event that the other party suspends payment to its creditors or generally is unable or admits inability to pay its debts as
    and when they fall due, suspends making payments on any of its debts, or suffers the making of an administration order or
    has a receiver (including an administrative receiver) liquidator, manager or any similar officer appointed of the whole or any
    part of its assets or if any order is made or a resolution passed for its winding up (except for the purpose of amalgamation or
    reconstruction) or if it enters into any composition or arrangement with its creditors or calls a meeting of its creditors with
    intent to enter into such an arrangement or composition.

    Licensee is entitled to terminate this Agreement extraordinarily at any time with immediate effect,

    if Licensee:
    - ceases to carry on business or part of the business,
    - changes his business or program strategy,
    - is unable to transmit television programs within the Territory (for whatever reason).

    Furthermore the parties acknowledge and agree that if the Program or parts of it are available only in a rated version or get
    this status during the License Term of this Agreement or the agreed age rating of the Program changes or has to be changed
    due to legal requirements, the respective titles are in the discretion of Licensee to be replaced upon best effort by another Program
    or by a legally respectable modified version through Licensor or Licensee is entitled to terminate this Agreement in respect
    of the affected Program.

    Licensor: __

    Signature: _

    Date: ____

    Signature: _

    Date: ___

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