Single and Anxious Trailer #1 – Web Series

December 18, 2016 will mark the release of a dynamic new web series written and directed by independent filmmaker, Christina Faith. Single and Anxious (S&A) follows five African American, college students from various backgrounds as they fumble their way through the challenges of establishing and maintaining romantic relationships. The cast of S&A is comprised of stunning fresh talent from Philadelphia, PA

A new school spin on old school classic themes, S&A examines how millennials “do” relationships through a lens that is raw and edgy at times. Yet, a message of redemption is a consistent thread in the story line. Show creator, Christina Faith, elaborates on this more: “Single and Anxious is an honest representation of both the diversity and universality of the urban, African American experience. Growing up we all had a friend who dated the bad guy and made decisions they regretted. We’ve all been in love with someone who hasn’t given us the time of day. I want Single and Anxious to be the series people are telling their kids about in 20 years. I want our teenagers and young adults to grow up with college students who look, talk and wrestle with issues just like them.”

Executive Producer:

DP: Eric Adjah Quao


Milaya S. Gregory
Branden Brook
Page Peter Wilson
Fann Sanders
Dono Cephas
Daarinah Saafir
Eric Adjah Quao
Angela Lee

Media Contact:
For more information or to schedule interviews with the creators or cast of Single and Anxious, please contact Creative Thought Media [email protected]

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