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72 Hours (2015) Full Movie | Comedy | Timon Kyle Durrett | Erica Hubbard | Brian Hooks

The story revolves around Chef Cleavon “Von” Burkett (Timon Kyle Durrett), a former ladies’ man who was living the good life with a beautiful wife (Erica Hubbard)- until one day he wasn’t. A heart attack brings Von face to face with God (Harry Lennix), and God offers Von a second chance at life, IF he […]

Creepin’ with the Deacon (2014) Full Movie | Comedy | Faith

PARENTAL DISCRETION IS ADVISED A young minister falls in love with a gorgeous young woman. The only problem is that she happens to be the Pastor’s Wife, who happens to be his boss. This hilarious faith based comedy shows exactly what happens when two wrongs try to make a right. What happens in the dark…always […]
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