To Each His Own Web Series (Death of A Virgin Ep1)

Parental Guidance Suggested.

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To Each His Own is a drama filled series laced with comedy and suspense. Khairy is a self-made business man who made it from nothing to something. Smooth, manipulating every situation in order to get what he desires. There’s more to this playboy than meets the eye. Aymirre is a self-driven entrepreneur who is fueled by pain. Haunted by unresolved issues, she never allows the pressure to break her. But in order to grow, one must be broken. The story follows these two and the people whose lives are either affected by or correlates with their own… Each character is a world within themselves. Yet, those worlds seem to find ways of colliding in this suspense filled series.

Created & Directed by: Diamos Demerritt
Written By: Diamos Demerritt & Erica Weste
Produced By: Diamos Demerritt & Erica Weste
Co-Produced By: Katana Malone
Director of Cinematography: Joe Wesley
Director of Music: Kevin Mozel Daniels & Achim Davis

Starring: Diamos Demerritt, Kizra Deon, Toddra Brunson, Katana Malone, Archie Donaldson, Sherina D. Cox, Mac Dumas, Brianna Hart-Cox, Daniel Arnoux, Njie Sabik, Malcolm Harvard, and More…

©️2018 Anpu Production

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