UnBothered | Pilot Ep.1 S.1 | “Dolla & A Dream” (Award Winning Black Web Series)

When struggling actress Fey tries to juggle her dreams and reality, desperate decisions are made which triggers the fate of her personal life. We follow a group of young uncensored black friends as they try to navigate their careers, wants, and desires within the small city of D.C before reaching 30.

Unbothered is a short comedy/drama web series that follows a young modern black
couple in their mid-twenties – Fey Simphore and Jason Widmoor – as they struggle
to juggle personal priorities, careers, money, and dreams within the nation’s capital.
Over the past years, Fey’s career as an actress has gone everywhere but up. This
alone causes friction within her relationship, considering the two aren’t getting any
younger. As Fey and Jason face their separate internal issues, their close friends also
find themselves in complicated and problematic scenarios that stir up uncomfortable
conversations most people wouldn’t have “out loud.”

Executive Producer
Jeorge “Jae Benear” Benear

Directed by
Jeorge “Jae Benear” Benton

Associated Producer
Rashada Coton

Jeorge “Jae Benear” Benton

Mamie Koroma – Fey Saphore
Malik Gray – Jason Widmore
Paul Lewis – Kyle Grey
Devin Carter – Tiffany Brinks
Teashera Smith – Blair McCall
Joshua Sanders – Chris Wall
Brandon Bailey – Ryan Wise
Courtney crimson – Brianna Brown
Brian Christian – Mark
Henry Flo – Uber Driver
Jasmine Wise – Shelly
Alexander Christopher – Producer
Jae Benear – Malcome

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